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Warcon 2015 - 2nd November 2015

Jeppe Quondom sports stadium was invaded by gamers of a different kind on the 24th and 25th of October for Warcon, hosted by the Warzone Miniature Wargaming club. While the Boks battled it out on the rugby field, gamers took to a battlefield of a different nature to determine the best of the best.

We started early on Saturday morning under the firm guidance of the Green Lantern himself, entertaining us with lively music and ensuring that everyone knew what was happening when and where. The main focus was on tournaments — Heroclix, Warhammer, Magic the Gathering, and more — but some friendly matches, with much death and destruction, were enjoyed on the side. And those interested in learning where strategy games started could learn the finer points of Mah-jong.

For the brave souls willing to test new ground, 4EverOdd also ran a demo of Tradewarz, our locally developed strategy game. Here we would like to pause and thank everyone who played along and gave some input and ideas, helping the TradeWarz team put together a game that will become legendary in its own right.


Those not warring it out with cards and figurines could enjoy the cosplay competition Saturday  afternoon – where Doc Brown walked away with the prize. They could also take up arms in the dungeon run hosted by the Tales of Teana LARP.  Brave heroes, armed with health potions, some with mild alcoholic content, took on a variety of undead and demons in the arena. Anyone was welcome to play the hero – no prior experience in LARPing required – and the heroes put up a brave, if occasionally hopeless, fight.

Despite the very warm and very sunny conditions, everyone had a great time, and Odd Bunny is looking forward to an even bigger Warcon – with more bloody battles and dangerous demons – next year.  



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