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Enter The Mummy! - 19th March 2015

In ancient Egypt, as with today, legends were powerful and becoming one was not easy. So, a few weeks ago, Odd Bunny went to visit King Tutankhamun for some tips on how lasting legends are made.

Many years ago, in a land of sand and dust, there lived a young boy called Tutankhamun. At around 9, he became the Pharaoh. At around 18, he became a mummy. Life just isn’t fair sometimes. For many years the lost Pharaoh, as he was known, remained a symbol of the mysteries of Egypt and inspired archeologists, artists, writers, and pretty much anyone who can be inspired.

Now, thanks to an exhibit at the Silverstar Casino, close to Krugersdorp, the curious, the family and friends of the curious, and odd bunnies can experience the wonders of King Tut’s tomb first hand. The relics on display may not be the real thing, but the craftsmanship is impressive. Close attention has been given to the finest detail, and  the entire tomb of King Tut has been carefully reconstructed, complete with audio-guide to guide the visitor through the realms of Egypt.

Due to us living in the age of the virtual experience, museums are no longer seen as the halls of wonder they used to be. However, this exhibit reminds us of those wonders as it brings ancient Egypt to life and shows us why those artists and writers were so inspired in the first place.








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