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My Bloody Valentine - 24th March 2014


On the 14th of February, yes Valentine’s day, the strangest thing happened. There were reports of zombies running around the Pretoria Zoo! Of course, 4Ever Odd had to go and take a look…

And we were not disappointed! The Zombie run was organized by Zombie Run South Africa, an organization that has taken a whole new approach to fundraising. The most recent event, with support from Tuks Fm and Turbovite, was the Zombie Run at the Pretoria Zoo for those who wished to celebrate Valentine’s day in a slightly less traditional way!

The game was simple. A 5km route was marked out in the zoo starting from the Flamingo Restaurant. There were two groups – runners and zombies. The zombies, who all did a brilliant job of looking undead, departed first. Each runner was given a flag and we set off in groups to the first pit stop. However, between us and the pit stop was a zombie horde waiting for us desperate to steal our brains — or flags. Those who arrived at the pit stop brainless (flagless) were given a challenge. There were push-ups, or a puzzle to solve, or a concentration challenge. Those who were successful got a new life for the zombies to steal. And steal they did. Whoever said zombies were slow has not met the zombies ambling around at the Pretoria Zoo.

Running in the dark, desperately trying to get away from brain-munching zombies is not easy, especially if you are not allowed any violent retaliation (safety first ), but we did manage to snap a few shots to prove that the zombie horde is a reality. Sadly we didn’t get any zombie names, we were too busy trying to save our brains, so if you recognize yourself on one these pics, please shout out so we can add your name.

So, finally, a big thank you to the organizers who supplied their muscles and brainpower to organize this brilliant event, and Odd Bunny happily recommends this for anybody who is a fan of zombies, running, or just plain doing something different. We’re waiting in anticipation for the next event and will definitely keep you informed!​




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