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Jail House Lock Down! - 7th October 2013

They came from far and wide, converging on the Wembley Indoor Stadium wearing roller skates and cloaked in die-hard attitudes. They are the CMAX Roller Derby league, and Odd Bunny was there on Saturday to cheer for the old favourites and welcome the new kids on the block!

The Jail House Lock Down is the third bout to be hosted by the CMAX league since they started back in 2010, and they have now grown from the two original teams to four teams, and on Saturday we were thrilled to welcome the newly formed Pretoria Derby team to join in the action and fun that is Roller Derby.

For the first bout of the evening, the Slam Damsels (a newly formed Johannesburg team) took on the Hate City Rollers (the smallest team in the league) and the Savage Sailor Dolls from Pretoria. Right from the start the Slam Damsels dominated the bout with a great performance from Pit Bullet and Gutterfly who flew around the track scoring easy points. Once the Savage Sailor Dolls got on their feet, there was some excellent blocking from Ann T. Viral and Holly Hellbender. Towards the end Mel-icious Affliction from the Hate City Rollers showed us how it is done when she flew round the track to score 10 easy points.

The second bout saw the two founding Johannesburg teams take to the track. The Thundering Hellcats and the Raging Warmones has been at this for three years and it was a tough battle right from the start. First blood was drawn by Sugar Fist from the Raging Warmones when she started of the bout with a couple of good points. The Raging Warmones were ahead from the beginning with some excellent skating from Miss C Malice who looked like she might be flying more than skating. That gal is quick on her skates! The Thundering Hellcats did not give them the bout easily though. Leo Slayer gave the Thundering Hellcats a good start in the second half and consistent jamming from Bug Off! had the Raging Warmones fighting to the end.

At the end of the day there can only be one winner though and the victors for the night were the Slam Damsels with 142 to 48 and Raging Warmones with76 to 62.

Considering that this is only the third major bout for the league, it is impressive to see how far Derby has come in a few short years. There is most certainly a future for Roller Derby, and Odd Bunny cannot wait until the next bout!






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