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With a love for sketching, Karien uses her days to explore the wonderful and mystical worlds of dragons and witches, fairies and elves, and mystery and magic.

Inspired by authortss who dabble in the magical, like JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, JK Rowling and Chris Riddle, Karien decided to explore the world of Children’s illustrations and received her illustration Diploma with Distinction at the London Art College. She was also able to sharpen her skills by being tutored by Mark Mitchell, an acclaimed children’s illustrator in the USA.


Specialising in Graphic design, Character design, and Illustration, she has worked in the world of publishing for almost 8 years and is currently hard at work raising her own fairy while creating magic with pencils.


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  • Angel by Karien Naude
  • Castle - Karien Naude
  • Fairie by Karien Naude
Shipwrecked - Karien Naude
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Young Merlin - Karien Naude
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4ever odd


4Ever Odd strives to provide South African artists with the opportunity to focus solely on their craft and to introduce them to the national and international arena.

Getting ahead in the entertainment industry can be very challenging and 4Ever Odd intends to support the artists by means of:


* event organising,
* promotion,
* the sale of promotional merchandise and
* by providing a platform for artists to present, showcase and sell their hard work.


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