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Lynton Levengood is a Visual Development Artist and Illustrator with over 10 years experience working in the animation industry. He is passionate about creating worlds and their inhabitants, Creations of imagination, from dark brooding fantasy lands and creatures, to vibrant children’s animation shows full of fun and laughter. He enjoys the process and teaming up with the amazing talented folks who collaborate to bring the productions to life.


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  • Large Blue Gold Leaf - Lynton Levengood
  • Large Blue Rawr - Lynton Levengood
  • Alien - Lynton Levengood
  • Baby Blue Gold Leaf - Lynton Levengood
  • Chubakabra - Lynton Levengood
  • Clever Girl - Lynton Levengood
  • Fish - Lynton Levengood
  • Hydralisk - Lynton Levengood
  • Medium Gold Leaf - Lynton Levengood
  • Raptors - Lynton Levengood
  • Skull Study - Lynton Levengood
  • Slumber - Lynton Levengood
  • Snake - Lynton Levengood
  • Sword - Lynton Levengood
  • T-Rex - Lynton Levengood
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  • Stilt Wizard - Lynton Levengood
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4Ever Odd strives to provide South African artists with the opportunity to focus solely on their craft and to introduce them to the national and international arena.

Getting ahead in the entertainment industry can be very challenging and 4Ever Odd intends to support the artists by means of:


* event organising,
* promotion,
* the sale of promotional merchandise and
* by providing a platform for artists to present, showcase and sell their hard work.


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