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Carla is a Cape Town based fine artist and illustrator. She plies her craft in multiple media, including gouache, acrylics, ink and pastel.

She balances conceptual intention and artistic mastery, and embraces the tension between capturing perfection in and imperfect medium by an imperfect artist.


Her subject matter often includes the juxtaposition of the seemingly ordinary contrasted with quirky, whimsical and unusual elements.


She sees herself as a visual storyteller, aiming to entice the imagination of the viewer with the tale her brush strokes tell.

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  • Steamed Fish - Carla Botes
  • Catch and Release - Carla Botes
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  • Great Escape - Carla Botes
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4Ever Odd strives to provide South African artists with the opportunity to focus solely on their craft and to introduce them to the national and international arena.

Getting ahead in the entertainment industry can be very challenging and 4Ever Odd intends to support the artists by means of:


* event organising,
* promotion,
* the sale of promotional merchandise and
* by providing a platform for artists to present, showcase and sell their hard work.


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